Running Technology IS Human Nature

Our mission is to design new running experiences together with our partners through technology, connecting them both digitally and in real life.

Running Technology IS Human Nature

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Connect, run, and sync your activity to start collecting RAYA points. Redeem points to receive discounts for purchases, exclusive events and more.

World Class Run Experiences

Together with our partners, we design running, walking, and hiking experiences that connect us all to nature, ourselves, and each other. Our purpose is rooted in community, inclusivity, and supporting each other on this journey through movement, sweat, and having fun.

We’ve Partnered With World-Class Brands

To build a world-class platform, we need to partner with world-class brands. Together with some of the top running brands in the world, we are on a mission to connect every runner in the world, with the goal of building the most inclusive and diverse community of runners globally.

Worldwide Membership

Every runner knows the best run experiences in the world start at the local run shop. RAYA is a global membership with local roots, bringing together a network of the most progressive and innovative retail partners around the world.

It’s Time To Go Running

The sun's out and it's time to bring the heat! Long days and high temperatures can't hold us back – they're fuel for our fire. Join the Run As You Are crew and let's turn this summer into a high-octane running revolution. Don't just beat the heat, outrun it!