Run For The Food Bank

Together with adidas, we present Run For The Food Bank: A special holiday mission in support of the local food bank.

Join the global movement where all distance accumulated from December 13th to 19th will count towards your city team score. The winning city will win a cash donation to the local food bank courtesy of adidas.

Mission Scoreboard

Vancouver Running Company

Vancouver, British Columbia

Team Score
The Loop Running Supply

Austin, Texas

Team Score
Renegade Running

Oakland, California

Team Score
Metta Running House

Ciudad de México

Team Score
World Team

The World

Team Score

Holiday Mission

Run For The Food Bank requires all participating users to log a minimum of 25 km OR 7 consecutive days (minimum 1 km/day). Your total distance will count towards the team score!

City teams are hosted by our retail partners. All participants in one of the cities will contribute to a cumulative team score and boost your city’s chance to receive the local donation. Not based in any of these cities? No stress, you can still participate in the mission, and your distance will contribute to the World Team!

Team breakdown:

  • Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Running Co.
  • Austin, Texas: The Loop Running Supply
  • Mexico City, Mexico: Metta Running House
  • Oakland, California: Renegade Running
  • World Team

Holiday Redemption

Giving goes both ways! The holidays are a time to give to those around you, and to your local community. Since you are our community, we want to give back to you!

For completing the holiday mission, you will earn 1,000 additional RAYA points! You will also be eligible to enter a holiday raffle AND/OR a special raffle from adidas (see below).

Holiday Redemption

A holiday raffle for a RAYA bundle pack, including 1x RAYA Collectible Membership, 1x “Get In The Loop” Tee, and more. To unlock, complete the holiday mission!

Special Redemption by: adidas

A special raffle for an adidas bundle pack, including 1x adidas RAYA Collectible Membership (from the RAYA treasury), a pair of shoes, a top, and a bottom. To unlock, you need to complete the holiday mission AND own an adidas Collectible Membership!

Frequently Asked Questions


You either need to accumulate 25km between December 13-19 OR run, walk, or hike daily over the 7 days for your cumulative distance to count. If you miss a day, you will be disqualified.

The city with the most participants outside of the retail partner locations will receive the donation to the local food bank.

No, this is a special holiday mission that is available to all users on our platform.

If you participate in the mission AND you hold an adidas collectible membership, you will have access to a special adidas redemption.

No, as long as you have the adidas collectible membership by December 31st 11:59pm PST, you will be eligible.

Each city and retail partner will celebrate the holiday mission in their own way, but not necessarily any in-person runs or events.

It’s Time To Go Running

The sun's out and it's time to bring the heat! Long days and high temperatures can't hold us back – they're fuel for our fire. Join the Run As You Are crew and let's turn this summer into a high-octane running revolution. Don't just beat the heat, outrun it!