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There’s always something exciting happening at RAYA. From our monthly missions to our daily redemptions, check back often so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

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  • Make sure to sync your activity on your RAYA account within 1 week to collect points.
Run To Earn

Standard Points

Earn points based on distance run or time spent running (whichever is greater). Additional points are earned for elevation. Formula here: Point System

DistanceMoving TimeElevationPoints Earned
5 km20 min50 m (+5)+40
5 km35 min50 m (+5)+40
10 km60 min20 m (+2)+72
3 km25 min5 m (+0)+25
2 km60 min300 m (+30)+90


Earn additional points based on fun missions curated by our team together with our partners. Base missions are available to everyone. Elevated and special missions are members only.

  • Base Missions
    Available to everyone: 1 mission = +100 to +500
  • Elevated RAYA Missions
    Available to all RAYA Members: 1 mission = +250 to +1000
  • Special RAYA Missions
    Available to specific RAYA Members (Based on collectible NFT traits)


Boost your standard points by supporting and celebrating the things we value as a community.

  • Share The Love
    Run with a friend(s) for 1.5x points (2x for members)
  • Support Local Communities
    Run with our retail partners for 1.5x points (2x for members)
  • Explore The World
    Run a new route for 1.5x points (2x for members)
Redeem For Rewards

Cash in those hard earned points for exclusive offers, discounts, products, and experiences with brand partners from all around the world.

  • Base Redemptions
    Available to everyone: Rewards include discounts, contests, raffles, and giveaways
  • Elevated RAYA Redemptions
    Available to all RAYA Members: Focused on products and run experiences globally
  • Special RAYA Redemption
    Available to specific RAYA Members (Based on collectible NFT traits): Designed with brand partners and impact driven initiatives in mind
Become a Member

Unlock elevated missions, and super charge your runs with additional points by purchasing a RAYA Collectible Membership.

Earn More Points
Boost your standard points and unlock elevated + special missions available to members only.
Digital Membership = Collectible NFT
Each membership includes a collectible NFT that features unique traits such as brands, gender, and archetypes. Different traits will unlock access to special missions and redemptions.
Retail Partner Perks
Members will get access to perks and rewards from our list of growing retail partners around the world.

Join the Club

Unlock exclusive features and access to elevated experiences and premium redemptions by purchasing a digital collectible.