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Unlock exclusive features and access to elevated missions and premium redemptions by purchasing a collectible membership.

Purchasing a membership includes a digital collectible with different traits and rarities.
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World Class Partnerships. World Class Perks.

Special brand traits featured in shoes and apparel will unlock exclusive access to special missions, redemptions, and experiences unique to them.

Exclusive Access

Special events and activations curated for members.

Gated Community

Token-gated missions, redemptions, and community.

Brand Experiences

Unique access to experiences curated with brands.

Brand Points

Collect brand specific points for brand specific redemptions.

Support Local

Membership access and perks with our growing list of retail partners.

Surprise Gifts

Rare collectibles with rare traits will receive special gifts from time to time.

Digital Collectible Membership

Each collectible will include artwork that is randomly generated. The artwork features a variety of different traits and rarities, including officially licensed shoes and apparel from our brand partners.

Series 1 memberships are available today.
Series 2 memberships available in 2023.

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Follow along as we reveal each digital collectible one by one. Are you feeling lucky today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the digital collectible membership is an NFT and it will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-721 token standard.

By using the Web3Auth plug-in, we are able to support social login flows that are indistinguishable from Web2.0 logins, contributing to a greatly improved user experience and onboarding. A wallet is automatically generated without having to deal with technical barriers of digital ownership.

Yes, you can purchase a membership NFT with fiat currency.

Non-custodial. The Web3Auth public key infrastructure gives the user full control of ownership and access to their cryptographic key pair. Login services only ever have access to one share, and thus it's not possible for the provider to retrieve the user's private key on their own.

Each collectible NFT will cost $199 USD (or equivalent ETH).

November 3rd, 2022.

No limit.

Yes, we offered a limited number of Run List spots to our early supporters by being a part of our community on Discord. In addition, we will also be hosting special launch events with our retail partners starting in Vancouver, BC. Participation in the runs will grant you a spot on our Run List. If you’re on the list, you will get a 50% discount on the membership NFT while supplies last.

You will be granted non-commercial rights for the individual artwork on your NFT.

You will be able to purchase / mint directly on the RAYA website. It will be available on secondary markets such as OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, etc.

In the first series of collectibles, we will launch with 5102 unique RAYA membership NFTs. Each additional series will see the collection grow, but each series will have unique artwork, brand partners, as well as special surprises.

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Unlock exclusive features and access to elevated experiences and premium redemptions by purchasing a digital collectible.