Make Waves: A Special On Cloudsurfer Digital Collectible. Learn More!

Cloudsurfer Missions

Presenting Make Waves: A series of unique RAYA missions designed together with On to launch Cloudsurfer 2023, an evolution of one of the most iconic shoes ever. Cloudsurfer 2023 is not just another product drop. It’s a special moment in time captured to leave a lasting mark within run culture, cementing On as leaders within the innovation landscape.

We’re celebrating this moment with a special RAYA Collectible Capsule (NFT), a limited collection custom designed by Marlon Soriano together with On. These special collectibles will also be redeemable 1:1 for a physical pair of the new Cloudsurfer 2023 shoes at the On Flagship Store in Los Angeles.

Everyone is welcome to join, but only On Collectible Membership holders will be eligible to unlock and claim the special digital collectible (177 available, first come first serve). *BONUS: If your On Collectible Membership is wearing a pair of On Cloudsurfer OG shoes, you can claim yours now!

Cushioning Sensation

The computer optimized CloudTec Phase has opened a new door for even softer cushioning. And you know what that means? More kilometers on your feet. In this mission, we challenge you to a one-week movement streak of walking or running everyday for at least 3km.

Optimized Ride

The all-new CloudTec phase midsole offers On's smoothest ride yet. Over the next week, run 3x where you aim to minimize fluctuations in pace between the runs. Remember, smooth running is consistent running! Minimum distance for each run is 5km, maximum difference 0:20 min/km from the slowest to fastest run.

Sustainable Water Usage

Thanks to dope-dyeing technology, On is saving 2.61 litres of water per shoe. On x Charity Water Challenge goes live on March 19. Join the On Running Club on Strava and be ready to make your footsteps count. Link:

Let’s Get Wavey

Innovation is an ocean wave the complacent never sees coming. We challenge you to create a wave of your own this week where the average pace climbs and falls like a wave break between each of your runs. Minimum 2 runs, 5km each, difference of 2:00 min/km from the slowest to fastest km.

Cloudsurfer Redemptions

Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world with the primary purpose of providing a unique interactive experience for the user. Make Waves is our first go at bridging this gap, introducing RAYA Collectible Capsules, digital collectibles (NFTs) with unique artwork that represent key moments in time. Completion of all missions will give you access to our first RAYA Collectible Capsule for On Cloudsurfer 2023. Details below:

On Bundle Pack

Redeem 1x raffle entry for 1 of 5 On bundle packs for 1000 points. Bundle pack consists of 1x RAYA Cloudsurfer Capsule AND 1x RAYA x On racing singlet (just in time for race season). To unlock, you need to complete all 4 Cloudsurfer Missions. Redemption ends March 23rd, 2023.

RAYA Collectible Capsule, On Cloudsurfer 2023

As a celebration of the launch of Cloudsurfer 2023, claim 1x RAYA Cloudsurfer Capsule for 2000 points. To claim, you need to complete all four Make Waves missions AND own an On Collectible Membership. Total supply is 177, first come first serve. Redemption ends March 23rd! Let’s make waves =)

RAYA Collectible Capsule, On Cloudsurfer 2023

If you own a Collectible Membership with a pair of On Cloudsurfer OG shoes, you can claim 1x Collectible Capsule, Cloudsurfer 2023 now! Redemption ends March 23rd!

Phygital Claim, Cloudsurfer 2023

If you hold 1 of 177 of RAYA Cloudsurfer Capsules, you are eligible to claim 1x physical pair of the Cloudsurfer 2023 shoes between March 23rd and April 2nd during the LA Marathon at the On Store in Los Angeles (1424 Abbot Kinney Blvd).

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need a RAYA Membership to join the mission, but you will need a RAYA Collectible Membership (NFT) with On shoes to unlock the special redemptions.

In our Series 1 Collectible Memberships, there are a total of 177 On Cloudsurfer OG shoes within the full collection in 2 different colorways. Each holder is eligible to claim, and hence why the supply is 177 total. Because currently not all 177 are revealed, anyone with an On Collectible Membership can claim if they complete all 4 missions. It’s first come, first serve.

The first 177 people who click the redeem button will be airdropped the RAYA Collectible Capsule in their locker.

No, as long as you have the RAYA Collectible Membership with On shoes (or On Cloudsurfer OG shoes) before the special redemption ends, you will be eligible.

We recognize that not everyone is in LA, so not everyone who will own a RAYA Collectible Capsule will get to claim the shoes. Because of geographical limitations, we designed this experience to be borderless for the collectible first, and the physical shoes are an added bonus. If you don’t claim the shoes, your RAYA Collectible Capsule will forever have the artwork of the unclaimed shoes and will have utility on the RAYA platform.

You will get to keep your RAYA Collectible Capsule, and it may or may not unlock further utility in the future.

There are 2 separate redemptions, one for RAYA Members who hold the Cloudsurfer OG shoes, and one for RAYA Members who hold On shoes. You can claim both if you have access to both, but only one claim each.

No, you can only claim 1 pair of shoes per account, but you will have access to 2 Cloudsurfer collectibles which may or may not unlock further utility down the road.

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